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About Us

Overwhelming response from our delighted clientele motivated us at Shree Balajee Trading Co. (Kashmere Gate) , to take a leap and cater a wider market with the aim to having satisfied and happy customers across India and abroad.

We are thrilled to introduce this platform "AsiaTick" which will not just enable customers to buy products from the comfort of their homes but also facilitate wholesalers and retailers across the country to source products of various manufacturers at competitive prices in a more organized way which will reduce transaction costs and the hassle of contacting and negotiating with the suppliers.

The objective behind introduction of AsiaTick is to enhance overall effectiveness while improving efficiency, so a big country wherein the trading hubs are scattered yet concentrated in some parts of the country doesn't hamper the flow of goods to all parts. Rather, we see the size of the country as a strength, in the sense that we can be self-sufficient and efficient.

Through this platform we aim to empower wholesalers and retailers by helping them source products at much lower costs so they can keep their customers happy by offering products at lower prices now.

It's not just about costs and prices! We do not want our partners (wholesalers and retailers) to compromise with the quality in order to get products at competitive prices. Afterall, we believe, “to survive in the long run and to keep customers delighted, quality is of utmost importance”.

Asiatick Auto is a step forward in giving 4X4 and Car modification a whole new platform where premium quality accessories are available at reasonable prices for our passionate customers for whom their vehicle is not merely a means of transport but a partner, soulmate and much more.

Acknowledging Offroading as a liberating sport, we offer a wide range of accessories for offroadies.

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